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Corporate Training for Senior/Middle Management Executives

“Art of Operating from Core to Become Extremely Effective” – Specially Designed Programme for Senior & Middle Level Executives

This programme is specially designed to address the core issues/ challenges being encountered by industry leaders in today’s competitive world across most of the organizations. The programme structure is supported by suitable exercises, relevant case studies and outdoor games/ exercises that are actually metaphors of life. The content and methodology adopted to deliver this programme is so well knit that most of the participants even at senior level find it extremely useful and relevant for their personal as well as professional life.

Objectives: After completion of the programme, the participants will be able to:

  • Identify their Self acceptance/ confidence levels and learn to improve their self-management to achieve better results.
  • Think more clearly, compassionately and decide where to direct their time and energy to sustain their enthusiasm and achieve results.
  • Practice responding deliberately rather than reacting automatically, guided by their values, rather than be derailed by their discomfort
  • Identify their current style of leadership and the desired style in a given situation to become extremely effective.
  • Explore skills of self awareness and self renewal so that they can sustain the leadership ,create superb results and work as a clear catalyst for transformation of an organization from good to great.

Programme Outline: